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What is Techa?

Techa is a natural Bahraini soda company with a purpose. We manufacture natural probiotic sodas, such as kombucha, in small batches - harnessing natural methods to create genuine effervescence. Kombucha is a fermented, effervescent, sweetened tea made with a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast known as a SCOBY.
This fermented drink is known to nourish the gut micro-biome with beneficial bacteria and yeast for easy digestion.

All our beverage are made in Bahrain.


Our intention is to bring you a line of beneficial recreational beverages. We craft our drinks with ingredients inspired by (or native to) our land so that we can create an experience that is within context and relevant to our culture, weather, and lifestyle.
Our drinks are always nutritious (good for your gut), adaptable (serve at Coffee Shops and Bars), and refreshing (have it any time of the day). 



Our Method


We explore native ingredients all the time. We settled on classics which help sooth digestion. Our choices are organic ginger, local rose supplied from a local farmer, dried hibiscus and Indian lime. 


We don't believe in large batches, we believe in a lot of small batches for quality control. We use glass for the whole fermentation process. Our environment is temperature controlled to nurture the the microbes for the same flavor batch after batch. We hope you can taste the care that goes within this process. :)
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